The Candle Ranch will be reopening in June 2011!

The Candle Ranch presents our Collections:
* Rodeo Style Collection - The Rodeo Style Collection features labels with original art from renowned artist such as Denise Rich, Terry Stanley, Janie Dee. These artist were chosen because of their uniqueness and their style of art. These artist have some awesome upcoming art pieces just in time for the Holiday Season. You may purchase the art from the artist site directly, mention The Candle Ranch for special pricing.

* Ranch Style Collection
- The Ranch Style Collection features labels created after the brands from famous Ranches that are featured on our site, the back label gives a brief description about the ranch, featuring the website and owners contact information. These make awesome gifts for Ranch Owners to give to clients & friends. Have your ranch featured on our Ranch Style Collection today.

* Candles For A Purpose Collection -Our candles have been designed for the purpose of raising funds for Non-Profit Organizations. These candles not only promote the Artist, Business, etc. that is giving, however it promotes the Non-Profit Organization that they promote and give to. If you have a Non-Profit organization and would like for The Candle Ranch not only to provide a exceptional product, but promote your purpose, contact us today to set up a consultation to help assist you in providing a successful fundraiser.

* Spurfect Soy Collection - Our Spurfect Soy Candles are 100% Soy Wax with no dyes added.  These amazing unique candles provide amazing fragrance without color.  All Spurfect Soy Candles are off white in color.

* Scripture of Life Collection - Our Scripture of Life Collection provides amazing fragrance with scriptures on the label that enrich the soul and inspire the hearts.

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